Wednesday 20 January, 2010

Book and Comic Exchange – Notting Hill


I have a love hate relationship with the people who work here. They have that mindset that people who work in secondhand book and record stores have – ie. that they are superior and know far more on the subject than you ever will. They usually have industrial jazz or worse, Bob Dylan or the Velvet Underground (totally safe music that no one would ever admit to not liking) playing too loud in the background and over which they make loud in-jokes about comics or whatever that you are meant to be impressed by as I catch them giving me a stealthy side glance. On the other hand if you do get their approval in your choice of purchases then you will be embraced with open arms. If I was to walk in and buy, say, a copy of the Da Vinci code, I would get the ‘ugh you are so ORDINARY GET OUT’ generic soma for sale treatment but if you were to buy something more along the lines of the autobiography of Sonny Barger then it’s a whole different story. The Book and Comic Exchange is by far the best secondhand bookshop particularly if you are looking for anything on or related to music, film, art, and photography. My favourite section is the part titled ‘Cult books’, I always make a few good finds in there. It’s cramped as the comics take up too much space but I never leave without a few good finds or spending more than a tenner.

*I used to work in a similar shop selling vintage magazines and I used to be an an idiot too. So were all my friends who worked there. Moronic customers with lack of culture just bring that out of you. Just for the record.

Notting Hill Book Exchange, 14 Pembridge Road, London, W11
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  • Wanky CAT says:

    You are right. The people who work in that shop are idiots. I think they do mean to be. It’s like a bad sit-com in there. And the customers are even worse. This is the worst bookshop in London. I hAVE HEARD PEOPLE SHOUT THAT in there many times. Bag og wank.

  • Cal says:

    I purchased a number of Silver and Bronze Age comics at the store in Notting Hill 2weeks ago, including a copy of “Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane” #70 (1st app of Catwoman in the Silver Age). The cover price was 22 pounds marked down from 24. There was NO indication of any defects noted on the price tag, nor the backing board, nor anywhere else on the book (as expected, and seen on other books in the store). I spent over 70 pounds at the store in one day. Upon my return home, I inspected the book and noted a large piece cut out from an interior page. CHECK YOUR ITEMS CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING FROM THIS STORE. In addition, the store clerks were unfriendly and I had a very poor experience overall. I do not recommend.

  • Bookshop says:

    Hey Cal – You can always bring stuff back if faulty. Everything is secondhand and sold as seen. We process (literally 100s of items a day) we can’t check inside every page of every item… Just saying…

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