Thursday 28 January, 2010

Kokon To Zai – Westbourne Grove


The sister shop to Kokon To Zai in Soho (owned by Marjan Pejoski who designed Bjork’s swan dress) but so much more exciting, marrying together my twin obsessions death and clothes. It’s a menagerie of gorgeous stuff, taxidermy, glass domes, phallic shaped sculptures from A Clockwork Orange, gothic jewellery, weird clothes, beautiful staff, amazing antiques, the collection just goes on and on there is so much to look at. Situated on Golbourne road in West London near Notting Hill it’s surrounded by Moroccan and Lebanese cafes in an area populated with residents that don’t appear to work much. Lord knows how a place like this makes any money, few people have this good taste, I just go to get home decorating ideas, new ways to display crow skulls and what not. If you like this kind of thing then check out my sweet cousin’s shop The Last Tuesday Society in Hackney.

Kokon To Zai, 86 Golborne Road, London, W10 5P5
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