Tips on eating in a restaurant you can’t afford

Here you will find ten of my handy tips on eating in expensive restaurants you can’t afford. It’s not that the food is always better, many of my favourite restaurants are some of the cheapest restaurants, it’s just that it’s important to be able to keep up and be in the position to say “Oh yeah the Ivy, the food tastes like M&S on a fancy plate” as let’s be honest the same people who don’t know who Alan Yau are, are the same people who don’t know who Karl Lagerfeld or Barack Obama are.

My first piece of advice would be to go for lunch, buy klonopin online overnight breakfast or (a very) early dinner, it’s easy to get into Nobu as long as you don’t mind dining at 12pm or 5.30pm. This way you can say you’ve been and people will respect you more. I will respect you more.

Now remember, unless you are going to Gordon Ramsey who likes to show off by including foie gras, caviar, Kobe beef, truffles and saffron all in one dish, it’s the wine list that’s racks up the prices, not the food. So unless you order prime rib or the lobster you’ll still be able to pay your rent.