Tuesday 29 March, 2011

Tate Modern Bookshop – Southbank


I’ve never been keen on Museums or Art galleries. I find that when paintings, furniture or artefacts of any kind are out of their intended habitat, they just become boring objects of which countless replicas have been made, so who cares if it’s really really old. The kind of ‘museums’ I love however are Buckingham Palace, The Dennis Severs Museum, The Houses of Parliament and Versailles to name a few where everything is more or less left as it was. I think a Leonardo da Vinci looks spectacular when it’s on a brocaded wall and surrounded by gilt furniture, but when hung on a white wall, to me loses its personality. The same goes for Jackson Pollack and Monet. I love their work but I wish to see it set up in the kind of surroundings where it may have been created or on the wall of someone who might have bought it at the time. That being said I don’t go to the Tate Modern for the art, I like the bookshop. I also love the Turbine hall, it’s just a shame they fill it with some rubbish the likes of Rachel Whiteread dreamt up. Tate Modern is a converted power station and the ground floor / entrance reaches floor to ceiling several stories high which renders it unbelievably impressive. The brilliant bookshop has every art book conceivable (more or less) and a vast range of magazines and there’s a good restaurant on the top floor, which although it’s quite expensive has an amazing view of London.

Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG
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