Tuesday 17 August, 2010

Radio Days – Waterloo


When it comes to vintage I think London trumps any other city. (Apart from Tokyo perhaps) Well yes every vintage store sells the same stuff like it’s all sourced from some giant warehouse in the sky but at least it’s all somewhat affordable. LA used to be cheap, not any more, New York is so expensive you’d be better off shopping at Top Shop, to hell with being original, Paris is good but the stores are tiny, full of French people who won’t get out the way and you have to have some seriously strong biceps to root through the clothes crammed in within an inch of their life. Radio days has a great collection of all things vintage, kitchenware, accessories, knick-knacks, shoes, clothes and so on. It’s been here a long time and the owners are seriously dedicated. It has that vibe of somewhere you’ll just know you will find something great, even if it is a pair of mustard brown Chelsea boots a size too small. What the Butler Wore is down the road and also really good.

Radio Days, 87 Lower Marsh Street, Waterloo, London SE1 7AB
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