Monday 26 November, 2012

Maltby Street – Bermondsey


So rumour has it that the rent on stalls at Borough Market is getting so expensive that some of the traders have decided to quit and move to nearby Maltby street and the surrounding area instead, don’t quote me on that it’s just what I heard. It’s a bit confusing as it’s referred to as Maltby Street but really traders have moved in, on and all around Maltby Street in a scattered fashion, inhabiting railway arches on various streets in little clusters, so make sure you check out the map on their website so you don’t miss anything. The best part is probably the ‘Ropewalk’ where vendors have set up gourmet sandwich stalls and little bars. One of which looks like it’s a workshop during the week and converted to a bar on Saturday, using the workbench and lathe as perfectly good places to sip a cocktail amongst the wood shavings, quirky doesn’t do it justice. A few of the big names have set up shop here including St. John Bakery, Bea’s of Bloomsbury (I seriously recommend coming here for breakfast, either blueberry pancakes, eggs, or french toast with caramelised nuts and bananas, so freaking good!) and Monmouth Coffee amongst others. Everything is open from about 9am-2pm every Saturday, a pretty short window really but great to get you groceries and homemade jam with a good breakfast or elevenses of coffee and cake at the weekend.

Nearest stations Bermondsey and London Bridge
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  • Dave says:

    Great photos on here. Love Maltby Street Market, a great place to spend a Saturday, Little Bird Gin shop is a fave and I can’t get enough of African Volcano for the Dirty Porker.

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