Friday 17 June, 2011

Borough Market – London Bridge


So as you can see I had trouble ‘editing’ my photo selection here, so I just thought ‘to hell with it I’ll put them all up’. Borough Market is my favourite market in London due to the sheer range of choice as you can see from my pictures. I definitely have my favourite spots too, number 1. on the list is the mismatched chocolates from L’Artisan du Chocolat, a bag costs only £2.50 because they’re a bit bashed up, such a bargain! Next is the Raclette stand, I just love Raclette. Next would be the honey stand which has white truffle infused honey, totally amazing but not cheap, obviously. Then there’s the fudge stall where it’s embarrassing how many samples I help myself too. Another favourite is the flavoured olive oil and balsamic vinegar stand where I test every single one every time. They have a truffle infused olive oil and balsamic, seriously I can’t get enough of truffle infused things. There are so many great places to eat as well, from giant meat sandwiches to oysters and falafel, when it comes to take away I bet there is nothing Borough Market doesn’t have. Anyway I could go on and on, it’s all about the samples though oh and the cheap strawberries.

Borough Market, Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL
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