Saturday 23 April, 2011

John Sandoe – Chelsea


I hate to admit it but I don’t buy books from bookshops anymore. Why bother when you can get them online for half the price. I know, I’m a contributor to the reason shops like John Sandoe go out of business. That all being said I do believe it’s better to recycle products and that includes books. There’s no need to re-print books, we should just all share, a giant library in cyberspace. Nonetheless I still love book shops and John Sandoe is one of my favourites. It’s crammed to the rafters and the uneven floor boards and a rickety old staircase are a small nod to Shakespeare and Co. in Paris. It’s been around since 1957, has lots of character and it is nice sometimes to browse though books looking at the covers and seeing what jumps out at you rather than all your recommendations being chosen by algorithms. John Sandoe is one of the few places of its kind left and I hope it survives because it would be tragic if it was turned into a Le Pain Quotidien.

John Sandoe, 10 Blacklands Terrace, London, SW3 2SR

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