Saturday 29 December, 2012

MC Motors – Dalston


It was when I was at Ruby’s in Dalston that I discovered MC Motors. I say ‘discovered’ the truth was I was chatting to Tom the owner of Ruby’s and he mentioned MC Motors a few times. On hearing the name my ears instantly pricked up, being Dalston I knew that somewhere called MC Motors was bound to be anything but a garage. This space is absolutely amazing. Owned by his parents who are antique dealers, Tom took me through the back of Ruby’s only to arrive in a huge open space with all the kind of features we drool over these days, parquet floors, shabby chic walls, a spiral buy soma usa staircase and all kinds of amazing props such as old movie lighting rigs and circus signs. It feels like being on a Hollywood studio lot back in the 1940′s. After the area was heavily bombed during the second world war the whole space was covered with a roof and glass skylight keeping intact part of a Victorian street running through the middle. The space has been used by a boiler maintenance depot, the Metropolitan Waterboard and most recently a car mechanics. Now it is a photographic studio used by all the biggest names in fashion and music.

MC Motors, 28 Millers Avenue, Dalston, E8 2DS

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