Sunday 30 December, 2012

40 Winks – Whitechapel


I think most people have probably heard of 40 Winks by now but for those of you that haven’t, I have to share… this place is just gorgeous, utterly debonair just like the owner David Carter a renowned interior designer and true English dandy. With only two rooms to book, 40 Winks must be the most glamorous B&B ever. What struck me about 40 Winks is just how every single square inch is perfect, from the wall furnishings to the elaborately patterned wood floor. And the bedrooms themselves, stuffed full of eccentric objects such as an 18th century wig like Marie Antoinette might have worn, taxidermy domes encasing golden tea cups, a dress makers dummy, old portraits and some quite amazing lampshades. Staying here would be a great experience. Located on the very busy and to be honest pretty hideous Mile End Road it’s a great contrast when you walk in the front door, I can assure you, you will be blown away. The attention to detail is off the scale. Easily accessible to the parts of London you want to be in such as Shoreditch and Brick Lane it’s only a short bus ride away and with only a 2 minute walk to Stepney Green station on the district line, it’s easy to get into central London quickly too.

40 Winks, 109 Mile End Road, Stepney Green, London, E1 4UJ
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