Thursday 10 May, 2012

W. Martyn – Muswell Hill


Would you just take a look as this place, how gorgeous is this shop! Established well over a hundred years ago and still run by the same family it puts Muswell Hill on the map. Yes you could buy PG Tips but why bother when you can get a box of tea that screams out “this was so expensive”. I buy tea from here just because I like the packaging.  The sweets and chocolates, little cakes, biscuits and chutney are from another century (not literally, don’t worry they all have sell by dates), a time when chocolate was a cherished thing. My father loves glacier fruits, I get boxes of them from here every Christmas. W. Martyn feels a bit like the gift shop of a victorian theme park, it’s amazingly authentic, actually I don’t know about that I wasn’t alive in the 1800′s but it’s great I can tell you that much.

W. Martyn, 135 Muswell Hill Broadway, London, N10 3RS
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  • Cat says:

    I love this place! Live in Muswell and it’s always such a treat to walk past when they’re roasting the coffee beans :) And the staff are so lovely, it’s so rare to find a genuine old family business. Ridiculous booze-infused spreads are a current favourite (whisky+marmalade? Winning breakfast!)

  • Libby says:

    Your Comments What a gem. Thank you for finding it for us. Brilliant for special tasty gifts and for oneself too!

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