Tuesday 10 August, 2010

Past Caring – Islington


This is the kind of place I’d recommend if you were looking for something random like say, a dressmakers dummy or an antique mousetrap. It’s effectively a junk shop but really well organised and edited to only the best stuff without charging a fortune for it. Needless to say they always have vast amounts of 50’s and 60’s tea sets in gaudy colours. It’s well placed, surrounded by a few great places to eat and a good second hand record shop not to mention ‘Get Stuffed’ an amazing taxidermy shop albeit with questionable morals. There are usually a few crazy folk here, the kind of regulars who have lived in council flats in the area for ages and stop by frequently to see what new stuff is in that they can feign interest in buying. I over hear a middle aged lady complaining to the cashier that her mother had be kicked out of the loony bin for depressing the other patients so had come home to depress her family instead and that she was trying to find any reason to be out of the house.

Past Caring, 76 Essex Road, Islington, London, N1 8LT
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