Monday 21 March, 2011

Tiroler Hut – Westbourne Grove


Up to a point I would have to say that Tiroler Hut was one of my favourite restaurants for the sheer comedy value alone. The place is absurd. It’s down in the basement accessed by a doorway and some steep stairs, you’d easily miss it. It’s been around since the 1960’s and still appears to be a favourite of many. The Austrians I dined with said it was more Austrian than anything you’d ever find in Austria, with staff dressed in full Lederhosen and food being very traditional, a lot of boiled bread and sausage….. and beer, huge stein-fulls of it. It’s like being in a ski chalet with low ceilings and small fake windows with fake snowscapes and deer antlers taking up every conceivable square inch. Little wooden tables and chequered table clothes with wine bottle candle holders encrusted with wax complete the ‘look’. I’d say it’s best to come with a group as it’s too loud to do a lot of talking due to the ‘performances’ of the owner playing 80’s pop music on his accordion, the random Japanese guy who apparently just ‘turns up’ every evening to serenade with Italian opera not to mention the cow bells the owner rings in accompaniment to the music. Just when you think you can continue with your conversation everyone has to stop and watch the stuffed animatronic goat sing songs from the sound of music – oh yes they play tunes from the sound of music a lot. On this occasion there was a huge party of Americans getting WAY to into it prompting the question “Why are Americans always so fucking enthusiastic?” Be aware though that they have a tendency to keep the drinks coming which although this could be conceived as a good thing, will give you a shock when the bill comes.

Tiroler Hut, 27 Westbourne Grove, London W2 4UA
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P.S The food looks like that, I thought I should warn you.

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