Monday 20 September, 2010

Three Kings – Clerkenwell


Don’t be fooled by the name. I know, if there was a penny for every pub called the ‘Duke of York’ or the ‘Three Kings’ we’d all be rich but on this occasion the pub in question is named not through lack of imagination but rather after Elvis, Henry the VIII and King Kong, yes those three kings. The Three Kings is a gem. It looks pretty unremarkable from the outside, nothing special whatsoever, oh but inside. It’s an intimate little place with a few regulars and ecclectic decoration, lots of pictures from movies plastered to the wall and a giant papier mache Rhino head, what else? you have to have one of them. I used to work in a Taxidermy shop, we would get a stream of Irish Gypsies asking for Rhino tusks, they are a valuable aphrodisiac used in Chinese medicine you know. They are also highly illegal. Yeah sure we have a stash outback waiting to flog to the likes of you…. amateurs.

The Three Kings, 7 Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0DY
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