Sunday 20 June, 2010

The Garrison – London Bridge


The Garrison is certainly a contender for one of the loveliest restaurants in London. With worn wooden tables and mismatched regency chairs, odd antiquities and twinkly lights they have certainly created a quirky environment, an aesthetic I have to say, I love. Serving modern British/European food, they have very graciously customised my order to accommodate my new diet de jour – no dairy. Amusingly I overhear the waiter reasoning with the chef over another pain in the ass order “I know it’s a goat’s cheese risotto but is there anyway you can miss out the goat’s cheese?” He catches me laughing and points out that it’s the waiting staff the chefs feel sorry for as they aren’t allowed to swear at the customers. Located in Bermondsey, near enough to London Bridge that you won’t wholly fear for your life or running into a relative of Jade Goody, Bermondsey Street has a number of great shops, cafes and restaurants.

The Garrison, 99-101 Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey, SE1 3XB
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