Monday 19 October, 2009

The French House – Soho


The best thing about a bad date is that it gives me something to write about and a new person to make fun of. On this occasion we had arranged to meet at the Groucho club in Soho at 9pm. However my moronic date for the evening text me just before to say let’s meet at the French House instead as 9pm is a bit early for Groucho’s, which translates to, “the person who could get us into the Groucho can’t make it so we have to go somewhere else but I’m too pretentious to admit this”. Groucho’s is a private members club, it’s where old school newspaper hacks and media types hang out all day to get away from their wives or get over their recent divorce. The French House is one of the best pubs in London despite the fact that most people would also agree with that (meaning that after work hours it gets very busy). Located in the heart of Soho it’s a respite from the sleaze of the surrounding strip bars and latex shops, basically this is where normal people go when they drink in Soho. It’s old and wooden with faded pictures of movie stars on the walls and little tables where you can hide away in a corner. It’s small and gets very crowded but has a fairly quick turnover as it’s the kind of place people meet before they head off elsewhere. It’s a Soho institution and worth a visit. Oh and by the way I got stood up after all that.

The French House, 49 Dean Street, London W1D 5BG
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The Groucho Club….

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