Monday 16 July, 2012

The Dove – Hackney


Once upon a time I used to grumble about people who frequented the Dove. I felt they were smug that they had such a great local pub and really wanted to rub it in. I have to admit it was because I felt left out. I am now one of the smug ones. I was living in west London at the time where I had a very lovely local, the Havelock, but I really wanted to live in East London, it all seemed more exciting in the East. The Dove is the perfect place to get food when you want to go out for dinner but you don’t want to either a. be adventurous, b.spend too much money c. make a big deal of it. The food is upmarket pub food and my recommendation would be the burgers, even the veggie burger mixed with mozzarella is delicious. Everything on the menu is safe and tasty and you get plenty of it. For desert the chocolate fondue is the thing to get. Now here is the thing with facebook. I know it’s disgusting but sucking up melted chocolate through a straw is damn right delicious. Anyway my friend put a picture of me doing this on facebook and I feel if I take it down I’m vain and don’t have a sense of humour but come on I really don’t want people, especially people I don’t know seeing that, goddamn facebook. The other great thing about the Dove is that I often go quite early and unlike most places it doesn’t need to be busy to feel ‘comfortable’, usually I hate eating in restaurants which are empty but the Dove is so pretty and well lit that is doesn’t really matter.

The Dove, 24 – 28 Broadway Market, London, E8 4QJ
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