Saturday 05 January, 2013

Ten Bells – Spitalfields


Situated on the corner of Fournier Street (one of my favourite streets in London, due to its proper Victorian-ness) and next to Shoreditch Church, the Ten Bells is where Jack the Ripper would meet the prostitutes who would later become his victims. It’s this kind of trivia that prompts most guide books to advise you not to come (to avoid people who come for this fact alone) but I say this is the attraction. Surprisingly few people know this Jack the Ripper fact. It’s a beautiful old pub with mosaic walls, dark furniture and leather couches.

Ten Bells, 84 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LY
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  • Libby says:

    Wow! Brilliant display of pics as I opened PBBB to see most recent post. Just had to read on. What truly amazing buildings London has – thanks for logging them for us to find. Definitely will be visiting. Thanks, Penny!

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