Friday 20 May, 2011

Story – Shoreditch


It looks like a page out of Vogue, old mirrors piled against the wall are covered in torn out pages of photographs from fashion magazines, white painted floor boards, enormous country wooden tables and reinforced cardboard stools show how little it can take to make a place look great, it’s a wonder why so many places get it so wrong. The menu is basically pizza, it’s expensive pizza but it’s great pizza and they do a wonderful salad too. The pizza’s are so thin that buy topiramate cheap they bubble up and are drizzled with olive oil and pilled with delicious and fresh ingredients. It’s really too expensive for me to come as often as I’d like but the owner is very welcoming insisting that it’s absolutely fine just to have a cup of tea. There are two large tables inviting communal sharing downstairs, which I’m a big fan of and a really nice upstairs area too when it gets busy.

Story, 3 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DJ
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