Saturday 15 December, 2012

Ruby’s – Dalston


I love the concept of a speakeasy bar, somewhere tucked away, with no obvious signage, a seating only policy meaning that you are guaranteed a seat and an atmosphere that takes you back in time a bit like that Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris. I’ve been to a few speakeasy style bars in London and for one reason or another I’m yet to be satisfied. That was until I discovered Ruby’s. Ok so first up the cocktails are gorgeous and quirky served in vintage milk bottles and enamelled cups, second it doesn’t attract just anybody, there’s a certain awareness to the people that come here, it attracts Dalston’s finest, something I’m glad of, you want ‘allsorts’ then go to the Mayor of Scaredy Cat town. I determine the meaning of ‘pretentious’ as ‘aiming high yet failing’ well Ruby’s aims high but succeeds, it is trying to be something but it totally works. Not only that but it’s owned but a Dalston lad born and bred that just brings all the more authenticity, seriously best bar in East London hands down.

Ruby’s, 76 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XB, London
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