Thursday 23 June, 2011

Pizza East – Shoreditch


The thing I find with pizza is, I can never find exactly the one I want on the menu. I usually buy a frozen pizza from the store, a nice thin crust margarita pizza and pile on all sorts of ingredients, peppers, onions, mushrooms maybe extra cheese, that’s how I like my pizza. Pizza East does do nice pizza using imaginative ingredients to come up with old favourites though. I mean most of us know what prosciutto and pancetta are, but soppressata, burrata, puzzone, san daniele and scamorza? Good thing I looked this all up before hand, it’s basically all cheese, salami or ham. The menu ranges from pretty weird such as Veal meatballs, prosciutto and cream to good old margarita and three cheese pizza (provolone, tomato, stracchino and caprino fresco to them of course). It’s not just pizza though, you can also order the likes of baked salmon and steak so unless you’re a vegan there’s something for everyone. Despite being booked up every night of the week it’s very relaxed and informal, with an industrial look complete with exposed brick walls, concrete pillars and ventilation pipes running across the ceiling which I’m not sure are fake or not, anyway it looks good and it’s cosy despite being so big.

Pizza East, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ
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