Monday 28 June, 2010

Osteria Basilico – Notting Hill


When anyone asks me a good place to eat out in west London, without exception I will suggest Osteria Basilico. The reasons are threefold: 1. the food is Italian, delicious, varied and well priced; 2. the upstairs has the great advantage that in summer they open the huge windows giving the impression of al fresco dining with a lovely downstairs which is rustic and cosy and 3. it gives me the excuse to tell my story about the time I went to Abbey Road Studios. So I was at Abbey Road with my sister as she was involved in a film where they were recording the soundtrack and during a break we just had to take a peek in studio 2 where the Beatles famously recorded 90% of their albums and singles between 1962 and 1970 and where the piano that John Lennon used still remains. Knocking tentatively on the submarine style door Noel Gallagher answered, not only that but Liam gave us a personal tour as Oasis were at that moment recording their album, anyway that was it, it has nothing to do with the restaurant except that we went to eat there afterwards and I found £50 on the floor, what a day!

Osteria Basilico, 29 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 2EU
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