Friday 27 May, 2011

Lounge Lover – Shoreditch


Lounge Lover is the sort of place you might wander into thinking what the hell is this? You probably wouldn’t nip in here to get a quiet drink, it’s too spectacular for that. It’s a menagerie of stuff, taxidermy, giant champagne glasses holding exotic flowers, weird and wonderful furniture, strange paintings and mirrors covering every inch of the walls, antique birdcages, chandeliers, red tinted windows and neon signs. It’s a stately home crossed with a burlesque ballroom, crossed with a Japanese spa, complete with wooden decked bathrooms, pebble water fountains and bamboo. They have a lengthy list of cocktails all of which are pretty reasonable for cocktails and they’re good too, lots of sweet and interesting ones. I’ve been here a few times, each time bringing someone I thought might love it, Lounge Lover never fails to impress that’s for sure and if the person you’re with is really boring (the last time I came here was with a spectacularly boring person) there are enough weird features about the place to talk about. You will get many different accounts of Lounge Lover, some are that there are too many hen do and city types, some that there is too much superfluous service, some that there are too many rules on where you can sit, what you can book and so on. I’m not really all that fussed though as I just think it’s great a place like this exists, even if the clientele doesn’t reflect the creativity and style of the place.

Lounge Lover, 1 Whitby Street, London, E2 7DP
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