Sunday 29 May, 2011

Les Trois Garcons – Shoreditch


Run by the same people who own Lounge Lover, Les Trois Garcons is equally impressive, serving very good, very sophisticated French food, with lovely attentive service. As a refurbished old Victorian pub it has most of the original features, an old heavy wooden bar, painted glass mirrors and tall ceilings, several stuffed birds and other animals including a stuffed bull dog with wings, it’s on every London best interior list. All sorts come here, city workers, a guy in a hoodie slouched over the table with his girlfriend and me, looking like one of those girls who never goes anywhere expensive so has dressed up like I’m going to a ball, in other words totally overdressed. I agreed to go on a date and for some ungodly reason agreed to wear a dress, I mean who says “I’ll take you out as long as you wear a dress” and then turns up wearing a t-shirt from Gap. I cringe when I write this, anyway I got my choice a bit wrong, I don’t own many dresses so decided to borrow one from a glamorous friend who makes Persian princess look casual and was wearing heels too big so I was struggling to keep them on, giving myself cramp while I did it. Anyway my dreadful date for the night was one of those awful types who tastes the wine mulling over it like he has a clue what he’s doing. I imagine he probably knew the difference between wine and beer but that’s about it. Over the course of the evening, not wanting to get too drunk, I would sneakily top up my wine with water when he wasn’t looking. Near the end of the evening having finished the bottle of wine, he reached for my glass as it was nearly full (I know classy right, it’s still my wine) I winced, although after drinking half the glass he didn’t even notice it was mainly water by that point, what a pro. The food though made it worth it, it’s not cheap but on that occasion I wish it had been more expensive. Afterwards we went to Lounge Lover where he asked me to buy him a drink. Don’t worry I didn’t see him again.

Les Trois Garcons, 1 Club Row, London, E1 6JX
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