Wednesday 29 September, 2010

Island Queen – Islington


Depending on whose reading this I’m probably not the best qualified person to write up pubs mainly because I know absolutely nothing about beer. I’m told the choice of beer at the Island Queen is second to none with a huge selection on tap, not that this is something I would notice. However you don’t really need to know anything about beer to marvel at the splendor that is the Island Queen. It’s a bit lit Miss Haversham’s mansion, totally over-grown with palm trees growing through the ceiling, oxidized mirrors covered in moss and exotic cats lounging on velveteen furniture. The epically high ceilings create good acoustics meaning that no mater how busy it gets you never have to shout or strain to hear. It has a great layout, the bar takes up the central core of the room with big chairs grouped into cozy corners. My friend Rozey loves coming here. Rozey is a bit of a nutter. So is her boyfriend Justin. He’s very talented though, he can play any instrument including the saw. His family are Romany gypsies and his grandmother lives in a caravan where every square inch of the interior is covered in tapestries of a gaudy nature. For Christmas she gave him a ‘Boots’ voucher which when he tried to use it was told it was a fake, well it was either that or another stolen DVD player. The last time I saw Rozey she was meant to be writing up her thesis. Instead she was making epic quantities of mango chutney and lemon meringue pie. That pretty much sums up Rozey and Justin and the Island Queen pub.

The Island Queen, 87 Noel Road, London, N1
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