Thursday 29 November, 2012

Franco Manca – Brixton


Located in Brixton Market is Franco Manca a great little pizza place only open for lunch. Reputedly the best pizza in London they have a giant mosaic pizza oven imported from Naples, the great city of pizza itself. There are a few wooden benches, all very tasteful and serving the most amazing authentic Sicilian pizza in the city. It totally doesn’t fit in with its surroundings as you could easily miss it amongst the exotic Afro-Caribbean food stores selling all kinds of tropical fish, bootleg reggae tapes and piles of yams and plantain. For such a modest and understated little place, a lot of energy has gone into the process of making world generic antabuse class pizza, starting with the cheese maker they flew in from Sorrento to train their supplier in the art of mozzarella making. The sourdough base, made with organic Italian flour, is naturally leavened with wild yeast and left to rise for a minimum of 20 hours before being baked. The select menu of six different pizzas are cooked at around 500 deg C (yes 500) for a mere 2 minutes to ensure the flavour is locked in and the base is perfectly crisped without drying out. Franco Manca is a great reason to head south down to Brixton.

Franco Manca, 4 Market Row, Electric Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LD
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