Saturday 29 January, 2011

Wilton Way Cafe – Hackney


Wilton Way Cafe is a great little spot for breakfast or coffee. Perhaps more of a coffee on the run or quick breakfast kind of place as it’s not the type which is crammed with sofas but it’s still perfectly comfortable. It’s very simple and stylish, decorated by the Dog and Wardrobe, a great little vintage shop near Broadway Market. They like to make coffee the right way here, it’s never too strong or over-brewed or burnt. The food is lovingly made and interesting, my favourite is organic bircher muesli with apple, honey and Greek yoghurt. My friend Darryl used to work here. He’s from New Zealand and is the most laid back person you’ll ever meet. He never wears a shirt or any shoes and he loves watching videos of rainbows on YouTube. When he left to move to Abu Dhabi he left his best friend Silly Rabbit with a collection of keepsakes including a watch that didn’t work but “looked really cool”, a picture of Robert De Niro and the box all this came in which “could be useful to put something else in” all said in his slow Kiwi drawl, that was Darryl and that’s the type they hire here, how can you not love that? One thing I can say is that from working at Wilton Way Cafe Darryl became extremely particular about how to make coffee. Wilton Way Cafe is a bit off the beaten track on a trendy little strip in Hackney frequented by hipster locals but worth it if you want somewhere that tourists would never find and they even have their own radio station!

Wilton Way Cafe, 63 Wilton Way, London E8 1BG
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