Sunday 10 January, 2010

Verde & Co. – Spitalfields


Verde and one giant Victorian display case of fine chocolates, preserves, old fashioned tins of tea, coffee and wicker baskets full of organic vegetables. There’s a tiny seating area with weathered furniture and old oil paintings and shelves stacked full of jars, but it was the beautiful Victorian theatre sets displayed in the windows which originally drew me in. I find buy xanax brand online myself wanting to buy something just so that I can feel like I have a piece of the place. They also do delicious and elaborate sandwiches and salads to take out. Between A.Gold  next door and Verde & Co. it’s like a Victorian theme park.

Verde & Co. 40 Brushfield Street, London, E1 6AG
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  • What a beautiful shop! If only we could get smells over the internet!

    Thanks for your cheque Harvey. Yes, let us know when you are going to be at Crosby Garrett and we would love to come over.

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