Tuesday 19 June, 2012

Union Theatre Cafe – Southwark


Only a stones throw from the Tate Modern is a brilliant little cafe. It’s sort of open air but it’s cheap and they do hot chocolate for £1.50 and really cheap sandwiches and filled bagels. One of the things I’m most appreciative about is the fact that a ‘small’ option actually is small. Not like most places where a small is called a ‘regular’ followed by ‘large’, ‘extra large’, extra extra I’m so fat I need a litre of caffeine and sugar just to lift my arm to drink this large’. They do a great selection of good straightforward sandwiches too which they make as they go along and wrap in cling film, a bit like how your mum would give you a sandwich for lunch at school. Real nostalgia kicks in as they have a basket of super retro biscuits like ‘Club’s and ‘Timeout’ on the counter remember them? It’s a lovely friendly place too where they remember your order after two visits and despite the fact they are always busy they are good at handling the queue.

Union Theatre Cafe, 204 Union Street, London SE1 0LX
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  • And they do the cheapest beigels in town, Where else can you get a bacon beigel and a coffee for two quid?
    On the downside, they do call them bagels, as if they’re in New York, instead of beigel, but they are a friendly bunch.
    You also never know who you’re going to see in there, as a lot of actors pop in. I saw Johnny Harris from This is England ’86 having a coffee once.

  • Dario says:

    Awesome place, the staff are such a nice bunch, and when it’s sunny this place is just one of the best in town. Affordable quality coffee, great people, what else can you ask for? :)

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