Thursday 23 August, 2012

Towpath Cafe


Occasionally I will ride my bike along the canal between Angel and Victoria park, apart from truant kids nearly running you off the path as they screech by on BMX’s it’s a nice route. I often thought how perfect it would be if there was a nice cafe or pub along the regents canal, what could be more perfect than a nice ride complete with a cup of tea and a piece of cake at the other end? Well the years went by and still nothing until finally the Towpath Cafe appeared. A tiny little place complete with plenty of bike racks, it’s the perfect stop. They have homemade softserve icecream and delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. Everything is made from high quality locally sourced ingredients so the prices aren’t cheap but quality is expensive i’m afraid.There are a few little tables and chairs but more than likely you’ll find yourself pearching on the edge of the canal or sitting on the grass so it’s definitely a good weather spot.

Towpath Cafe, Regent’s Canal towpath, between Whitmore Bridge and Kingsland Road Bridge N1 5SB

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