Thursday 12 November, 2009

Tom’s Deli – Notting Hill


The son of Sir Terence Conran and half brother to Jasper Conran, Tom Conran followed in his father’s footsteps and came up with four of my favourite restaurants including Tom’s Deli, Lucky 7, The Cow and Crazy Homies. Tom’s Deli was the first deli in a now heaving deli area but it is still the best. It’s going for a ye olde English shoppe / American diner look, which miraculously seems deliberate but totally uncontrived. Tom’s is small and has a nice atmosphere, it’s totally unpretentious despite being in a very chichi area. There is a really mixed crowd resulting in some great evesdropping ranging from the local window cleaner; “I was cleaning windows the other day, it was about 6.30 in the morning and a young guy came by and asked me where he might be able to sell a mobile phone, I suggested he try the police station down the road”, to the daily regular;
“Oh it’s ok I don’t need a menu I know what I want, green tea, glass of orange juice, full english breakfast no toast”
“How would you like your eggs?”
“Good question, poached I think”
To the rich Americans reading out the entire menu to their 3 year old daughter who only seems interested in eating sugar out of the sugar bowl, “honey do you want pomegranate juice or pink grapefruit?”. Tom’s makes me feel very at home despite being located it area so expensive it makes my teeth hurt.

Tom’s Deli, 226 Westbourne Grove, London, W11 2RH
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