Saturday 16 January, 2010

Scooter Caffe – Waterloo


The best way to get here is to approach through the Leake Street Tunnel which is a Banksy-created installation of stencil graffiti by artists such as the NYC collective Faile. It’s where graffiti should be: outside. Not on canvases cluttering gallery walls. There isn’t much left now but it’s worth a look, or maybe not, anyway you can decide. When the original exhibition opened there I was invited by a guy who worked for Banksy’s gallery. Anyway after making all the effort to go down there he hadn’t put me on the guest list, it was so embarrassing. When you emerge out the other end, you will come across a scooter repair shop with an adjoining café and bar which feels like a portal into Naples in the 1960s. They have comfy chairs (which are about to fall apart), junk shop furniture, a motor engine espresso machine and regulars that seem to stay there all day. The only draw back is that they don’t serve food but even better is that you are welcome to bring in your own.

Scooter Caffe, 132 Lower Marsh London, Greater London SE1 7AE
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