Tuesday 18 May, 2010

Rosie’s Cafe – Brixton


Rosie’s is owned by Rosie, a late 20-something, and her cafe is lovely. The staff treat you like there is nothing they’d like better than to rustle up a sandwich for you. I made my first trip to Rosie’s Café after reading about it in The Observer newspaper food supplement. I thought it worth taking a look as Brixton Market seemed like a strange choice of location for a café such as Rosie’s, well at least I thought so then, I think differently now. Brixton Market is pretty shabby with stalls selling fish and plantains and knock off DVD’s, although Rosie certainly set a trend, as now there is a whole selection of great places such as Bukowski, Casa Morito and Seven Brixton but Rosie’s is still my favourite. The walls are pleasingly bright red and green and stacked with all kinds of Italian jams, coffee and jars of stuff. The food is great and the hot chocolate is my favourite! She makes all kinds of sandwiches to order (which sell out quick), all on bread baked by the pizza shop Franco Manca next door and she does great breakfasts too. Even if you just ask for bread and jam, it will be the best bread and best jam. Her ingredients are of such high quality it’s amazing she can make a profit as Rosie’s Café is cheap too. It’s tiny and seems to be the most popular place around to come for lunch and breakfast, definitely worth a stop.

Rosie’s Cafe, 14e Market Row, Brixton Market, London, SW9
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