Friday 03 February, 2012

Pogo Cafe – Hackney Downs


Now Pogo Café is a full on no frills vegan cafe. It’s a bit ghetto with an anarchist bent which I find charming, I like to think I have a bit of punk in me but if I’m honest it’s more about the aesthetic really as I like to shop in Waitrose and I’m writing this on my Macbook Air. Personally I think the food here is great and the deserts are amazing and vegan too. They go to town with the shredded carrot but it’s all so satisfyingly healthy and cheap. It always amuses me how they have more staff than customers yet it takes forever to get served, forgivable as it’s run by eccentric volunteers. There is usually some local crazy as is always the case with cheap and cheerful vegetarian places like Pogo and Inspiral. The last time I was there a guy was sitting on the couch acting perfectly normal until he left taking all the cushions from the sofa with him. I am however obsessed with this place and frequently drag friends along although a recent text message (see below) has made me re-think that.

“Penny brace yourself but I have to make a confession……….I hope it will not cause permanent trauma in our deep long lasting friendship………I know the Pogo cafe is very close to your heart and I don’t in anyway wish to make you choose between us but…..I wasn’t a big fan of my food at the Pogo cafe. It tasted a bit like a dry frozen veggie burger and chips. I hope you understand and can forgive me but maybe we could try somewhere new. All my love”

We no longer speak.

Pogo Cafe, 76 Clarence Road, London E5 8HB
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