Thursday 24 May, 2012

Old Shoreditch Station – Shoreditch


Old Shoreditch Station is easily one of my favourite cafés in London due to the fact it’s rare that you see anyone in there who is not either consciously or subconsciously dressed in black or white. It’s great that the staff don’t care if you stay there for hours as they are too busy socialising with each other, there can be a lot of that in Shoreditch, it’s a good thing, I hate to be bothered. Situated on the corner of Kingsland Road, Old Street and Shoreditch High Street, it’s heaven for watching people walk by checking out their  reflection in the windows where is the best place to order valium online just to catch you staring back at them. I think there is a photographer’s studio next door as there are always freakish looking models schlepping back and forth looking lost and gormless then coming in and asking for directions, that would drive me mad if I worked there. It also turns into a bar in the evening. It’s frequented by people who spend their salary in American Apparel and wear ironic high waisted jeans with the bottoms turned up. I love how Swedish people all dress the same.

Old Shoreditch Station, 1 Kingsland Road, London, E2
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