Friday 20 July, 2012

Mouse & de Lotz – Dalston


Now Dalston/Hackney area is not lacking in cafes, that’s for sure. However one name that seems to pop up over and over again is Mouse & de Lotz. I can see why, it’s a gem. I can’t always put my finger on it but even though I think a lot of places are great there are only a handful that I repeatedly come back to, it’s just a feeling I guess. My favourite thing about Mouse & de Lotz, or rather one of my favourite things aside from the great cakes and lovely atmosphere is the artwork by Jessica de Lotz (the sister I think of proprietor Victoria de Lotz), I adore it, it’s so quirky and fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Mouse & de Lotz is perfect, it ticks all the boxes and has a couple of cosy little rooms at the back with comfy chairs to relax, read or work on your computer. Pretty much located in the middle of nowhere it’s the kind of place that shouts “this area is on the up” but I’m a big fan of that, who wants to live in a shithole anyway?

Mouse & de Lotz, 103 Shacklewell Lane, London, E8 2EB
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    Just wanted to say thank you penny so much for the loveliest review , having an exhausting day with my two children so it really cheered me up !!! Oh btw we are now open Tuesday’s …. 7 days a week !! X

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