Thursday 10 December, 2009

Meals at Heals / Peyton & Byrne – Bloomsbury


Situated inside the Heals store, Meals at Heals can only start with the description “Once upon a time…”. It resembles something out of a fairytale. It has a pastel colour scheme and tables that look like they have icing dripping off them. It’s very Scandinavian, a fact that saves it from being either tacky or camp. It’s designed by FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste) which makes it truly stylish to boot. As a Peyton and Byrne restaurant it does do spectacular cupcakes and great food, serving a proper lunch and brunch. If I were meeting a few friends during the day, I’d suggest here since it’s inexpensive and not too busy so you can stay as long as you like, not to mention the fact that it’s part of the most gorgeous home department store ever.

Meals 1st Floor, Heal’s 196 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 7LQ
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I work in Fitzrovia and I’m loathe to spend my lunch break doing any of the things I should be doing in my lunch break. This includes eating lunch or running errands. It is therefore desirable to nip out at frequent intervals and do the things I need to do in five minutes (so my boss just thinks I have gone to the bathroom) so I can spend my lunch break in Topshop with everyone else. My daily list might include any of the following; 1. buy peaches 2. buy sewing thread in a new colour 3. replenish stock of fake gold jewellery 4. check newsagents for new magazines 5. buy cupcake to get me through the afternoon, my choice being Peyton and Byrne located on the ground floor of the Heals store. These cupcakes are just so delicious. No other cupcakes compare. It’s the raspberry and coconut one. I don’t even know what it’s made of. The butter cream icing is so thick and smooth it transcends all other butter cream icing. The sensational vanilla sponge cake is spectacular in itself but when you discover it secretly concealing a real life, hidden raspberry it just pushes me over the edge. The posh bathroom tiles might sound like a strange design choice but somehow it manages to make all the food all the more enticing.

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