Friday 04 December, 2009

Maison Bertaux – Soho


If you go to Maison Bertaux when the rest of Soho isn’t and you manage to get a little tiny table with a French bistro chequered table cloth, tea in a bone china tea cup and a delightful little fruit tart then you’re lucky as it’s quite special. Upstairs it’s more caff than patisserie resembling a primary school class room but this only adds to the appeal. It’s the oldest patisserie in London and certainly has the most charm. Maison Bertaux is the antithesis to the slick chain cafes in the area, it’s like being in a time warp with lots of lovely personal clutter around the counter, complete with delectable cakes and fairy lights. The people who come here are serious regulars and the lady who runs the place is sweetness personified as are the waiters. I’m not sure if he’s still there but the man who used to appear to be in charge is a class ‘A’ asshole – he gives you all of three seconds to make your order then shouts at you to get out of the way. This adds to the experience and I find it comforting as when I worked in a French restaurant you were more that welcome to tell the customers to fuck off if they were being too demanding.

Maison Bertaux, 28 Greek St, London, W1D 5DQ
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