Tuesday 02 October, 2012

Look Mum No Hands – Clerkenwell


Yey another bike shop cafe and this one’s a beauty! Look Mum No Hands certainly brightens up this boring stretch of Old Street. This ambitious project is both bike workshop and cafe/casual restaurant of sorts. They’ve nailed it across the board as it’s both supremely popular with bike couriers and hipster fixed wheel types but it’s also a family oriented place, hosting fun events from brownie baking competitions to film nights. I usually roll my eyes at this kind of thing but here they get it right, probably because there is always a decent quota of skinhead, tattooed bike couriers around to make sure it’s not too boring and wholesome. The cyclist themed decoration involves buy klonopin discount walls festooned with bike frames, wheels and all other manner of cycling paraphernalia, stylishly done of course. If you’re after a flat white they can sort you out but if it’s a cold drink you’re after then there’s smoothies, milkshakes, iced coffees, fresh fruit juice and a number of different beers and wine served all day, not to mention the pies, cakes, salads and daily specials all by local bakers or made on the premises on the menu as well. Look Mum No Hands is just genius, I could hang out here all day every day (and what a great name!).

Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX
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  • Tascha says:

    Hi Penny, I’m commenting on behalf of Look Mum No Hands. Thanks for such a nice write-up! Your photos are really great, too – we were wondering whether there’s any chance we could have copies, to keep on file? If so, if you could contact me at: natascha[dot]bruce[at]gmail, that would be brilliant.

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