Wednesday 02 March, 2011

J+A Cafe – Clerkenwell


You can trust me when I say that J+A cafe is one of my more, shall we say conservative choices, suffice to say there is nothing ‘nostalgic’, ‘weird’ or ‘themed’ about it, it’s just a nice cafe with nice decoration in a nice building with nice food and cakes that make the fat girl inside me start snorting at the pig trough. It’s tucked away up a side alley but it’s no secret. It’s a modern place attracting modern people who read newspapers whilst they eat their gourmet sandwiches and drink lattes. I can’t stop staring at the couple in the corner. She’s about 6″4 and he’s no taller than 4″6 i’m sure of it. And she’s wearing heels. I wouldn’t allow that if I was him. And they have a baby, that’s gotta be a confused set of DNA, half giant half midget. The interior design of J+A Cafe is a good combination of trendy Clerkenwell bistro with raw brick walls and an office canteen. It’s comfortable and unpretentious though and the food is great.

J+A Cafe, 4 Sutton Lane, London, EC1M 5PU
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