Sunday 13 May, 2012

Hurwundeki Café – Bethnal Green


Ever since it first opened, Hurwundeki has been one of my favourite cafes. I had been a big fan of their boutiques which sold a great selection of vintage and their own label (unfortunately they only sell online now) so when they opened a cafe, naturally I went there right from the beginning. In fact it was at Hurwundeki that I first started writing this blog. It was a great summer and I made the most of it by sitting out in the front on a deck chair getting a tan and writing up reviews in a notebook. Their menu used to be pretty basic, there was little more than a roast vegetable sandwich, a samosa, a croissant or a lemon, now they have a great choice of everything and serve Korean food in the evening. Back then there was a great French guy who worked there who would cook himself up the most amazing salmon and roast vegetables for lunch where more often than not he would give me a plate. I was never quite sure if it was something on the menu or if being French it was necessary for him to make himself a gourmet meal where everybody else could make do with a sandwich. They have a great outdoor area which on my initial discovery I was somewhat confused as what I came across looked like a garden centre or children’s crèche due to the abundance of garden gnomes, miniature chairs and rocking horses on a sand-covered fake beach sort of thing with very old deckchairs and a lovely old oak kitchen table and parasols. Situated next to Cambridge Heath overground station and facing a particularly seedy strip club, Korean-owned Hurwundeki is an amazing café playing 20’s jazz and kitted out with old wooden furniture, antiques, tattered paintings and quirky objects. They also sell vintage clothes, I mean it’s not East London without vintage clothes for sale right?

Hurwundeki, 299 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9HA
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