Thursday 14 June, 2012

Farm – Clerkenwell


When I went to Art College around the corner from Farm about 10 years ago it was nothing like it is today. The only place to get a decent sandwich was the greasy spoon where you could get a pretty good bacon roll but that was about it. It’s probably a good thing as although the sandwiches are obviously miles better, they don’t cost 80p. Farm use local ingredients and all the cakes are made with free-range eggs – it’s really going for the made and raised in Britain thing which is great. The sandwiches are packed full of fresh ingredients, they aren’t scrimping on anything and there was a big pile of cake samples on the counter which they encouraged me to help buy disulfiram myself to. There was lemon cake in there and some kind of toffee cake and then something soft and fluffy I had no idea what it was but it was so good. It’s a take away spot really as the seating is limited to bar style seating along the wall, but for only a small place it has great intentions and good branding. I just love it for a takeaway sandwich.

Ps. It’s important to point out though that there is literally no bike parking around this area of Clerkenwell and plenty of traffic cops waiting to give you a £30 ticket for skipping red lights which is a pain!

Farm, 91 Cowcross Street, London
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