Monday 12 December, 2011

Farm Shop – Dalston


This review is dedicated to The Captains wife, you know who you are.

I doubt I was the only one wondering as to what the hell this place was all about. Every time I peeked in the window all I could see was some kind of hydraulic system and a lot of lettuce. Despite my curiosity, I still never found myself actually having a look inside until four little letters peaked my interest, C A F E. Well after a fairly lengthy conversation with the nice girl who runs the cafe I’m still not entirely sure what it’s all about although she did use the word ‘sustainable’ quite a lot. I did my research however and it’s all about encouraging Londoner’s to grow their own food and make their own fabric. This is a great idea, all us Londoner’s have been wondering what to do with the small fields we have at the back of our houses. It’s a very cute little place, feels a bit like a garden shed, in a good way. At the front of the shop they have a fish farm (that would explain why the place smells like a fish tank then) and are in fact growing a lot of lettuce which they use in their sandwiches. I’m not quite sure what real estate prices are in Dalston but the fact that the lettuce growing room is bigger then the cafe is probably not entirely cost effective. All their cakes and sandwiches are baked locally, which is great although it did get me thinking that if all the ingredients are from Tesco, surely the good will is cancelled out? That all said (sorry I have to take the piss a bit as it’s all so wholesome) I just love the randomness of Farm Shop (they have chickens on the roof) and the fact that none of it really makes sense gets lots of points with me.

Farm Shop, 20 Dalston Lane, London, E8 3AZ
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