Thursday 15 April, 2010

Rose Bakery at the Dover Street Market – Mayfair


Not so much a market as five floors of unadulterated gorgeousness. London’s answer to Opening Ceremony if you ask me. I take people here when I want to impress them with my good taste. I also like people to think I shop here. The reality is with a tshirt averaging about £400 it’s somewhat out of my price range. I like to think of this place as a museum of clothes, artefacts, shoes, accessories and a bunch of other random (very expensive) junk. It’s also the Japanese showing off (it’s owned by Comme des Garcons, Rei Kawabuko – the coolest person alive). Everything about this place is visually perfect, it’s a creative heaven and perfect for any budding stylist to come for inspiration. My favourite part however is the Rose Bakery upstairs and this is because a cup of tea and a piece of cake or a slice of quiche and salad is the only thing I can afford in this shop. It’s fashion people heaven. It’s a branch of the famous Rose bakery in Paris one of the few places that serves delicious healthy food. My friend used to work here (the one in Paris) and it was only yesterday we were talking about it. She said it broke every rule in the book regarding staff health and safety and she was so busy she was run off her feet for 8 hours solid every day – no break. Apparently only foreigners will work there as the French know their rights. The best thing she said was there was no obligation to be polite to the customers and that she would quite happily tell the paris bohemian bourgeoisie (I know a contradiction in terms right) where to stick it, it is Paris after all. She did say that the food there was her favourite in Paris though, it’s not easy to get healthy food in Paris. Unlike it’s french counterpart the Rose Bakery in the Dover Street Market is laid back and the staff are wonderfully friendly and unpretentious.

The Rose Bakery, 17-18 Dover Street, London, W1S 4LT
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