Sunday 30 September, 2012

Goswell Road Coffee – Clerkenwell


So my friend was telling me that when he was looking to move house he found a place on Goswell Road that was pretty good yet not perfect. So he went across the road to Goswell Road Coffee to think about it. Anyway he loved this cafe so much he decided that on account of wanting Goswell Road Coffee to be his local cafe he would definitely take the flat and he’s been coming here daily ever since. He described it to me in these words “You need to go to Goswell Road Coffee! You can get your Indian visa fast tracked, you can confirm your life is over with 50p pregnancy tests and you can get useless erasers for 20p…. plus a very cheesy Tony Blair has personally approved the place… and the staff are l-o-v-e-l-y” Now whether the bit about Indian visa’s and pregnancy tests is true or not I’m not sure as he’s a bit mental but you can get an eraser for 20p and the staff are lovely, this place is definitely q-u-i-r-k-y and a very cosy local.

Goswell Road Coffee, 160-164 Goswell Road, London
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