Tuesday 04 December, 2012

Brunswick House – Vauxhall


The first thing you might think when you walk out of Vauxhall tube station is “where the hell am I? This can’t be right?” but have faith, keep walking through the land that property developers forgot until you get to an incredibly elegant Georgian house overlooking a nightmarish tangled roundabout. It’s like a nuclear bomb hit the area and Brunswick House was all that survived. Inside is quite simply stunning. It’s incredibly elegant with a laid back bohemian vibe. Chandeliers and elaborate lamps hang from the ceilings, Persian rugs adorn the floors, the chairs and tables are a mismatched selection and there are plenty of interesting antique posters and pictures on the walls making it very quirky and personal. Much of the furniture comes from Lasco who selvedge and refurbish furniture of which they share the premises. Lasco itself is to die for, the furniture and fittings they have here are so gorgeous that it’s become my new happy place. Brunswick House is run by Jackson Boxer who is part of a family commonly know to be Stockwell royalty and his brother Frank runs Franks Campari Bar atop a multi-storey car park in Peckham. The food is good, for breakfast there is a selection of cakes and croissants, lunch is an edited version of dinner which might be something like Smoked Blythburgh pork chop, colcannon & mustard pears, I find it quite exciting when I have literally no idea what I’m expecting to turn up on my plate. Deserts don’t disappoint either with chilli poached pear, gingerbread crumbs and vanilla cream as an option. This is definitely a fun and beautiful restaurant to visit at any point of the day.

Brunswick House, 30 Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall, London SW8 2LG
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And Lasco…


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