Tuesday 17 January, 2012

Bird – Dalston


Bird is the cutest little place. With only 4 tables, two of which are big enough to share, it’s the sort of place which is great to go for breakfast and to read a magazine. Fee from Fee Fee La Foo up the street recommended it to me. They have lots of freshly made cakes and cookies but I like getting toast there which is locally made (I mean the bread is locally made – obviously the toast is locally made, they don’t buy it pre-toasted) and they have lots of different spreads like plum and chilli which you can share straight out of the jar, something I like, as I hate to be limited on my conserves. I love the friendly staff and the slightly hapdash interior design. It’s very unfussy and a big mug of hot chocolate only costs £2 which is very charming. I stopped by today and they were crazy busy serving soup as they are starting a new thing where they have different guest cooks come in to cook food from different countries. Great idea I think, it’s such a sweet little place.

Bird, 52 Boleyn Road, London, N16 8JP, United Kingdom
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