Thursday 08 March, 2012

Beyond Retro – Dalston


Beyond Retro is the kind of place East Londoners love. In fact I think it’s because of places like this that people live here. Croissants and coffee within spitting distance of vintage clothes, so close you can smell the moth balls! I love the look of the Beyond Retro cafe. Already a fan of the huge store on Cheshire street, I’d heard down the grape line that they had opened another one in Dalston. This was all well and good but when I discovered there was a cafe too, a really good one, well for me it doesn’t get much better than that. It’s really spacious with lots of mis-matched furniture, comfy chairs, nice cakes, fashionable people in high waisted stone washed jeans, ahhh it’s what London’s all about, I just won’t hear of these hipsters being bashed, they just make a room look infinitely more interesting. It’s a bit out of the way so you might want to get on your bike and keep heading north up Stoke Newington High Street, trust me it’s up there. Opposite is a brilliant second hand furniture shop, Pelicans & Parrots Black, where I bought a couple of lovely pictures of parrots, what a day!

Beyond Retro, 92-100 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XB
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