Thursday 10 May, 2012

Betty’s – Dalston


Betty’s is great, it’s tiny and quirky and about as uncommercial as you can get. The owner bakes all the cakes herself and she was very proud of a cake she made that morning, commenting that it looked like a cake from a cookbook and then she started taking photos of it, it was a red velvet cake, extra sugery and made with yogurt apparently, if I hadn’t just had lunch I would have had some. One of her friends ordered some tortilla, where she commented “is that your 3rd breakfast this morning?”  He replied with ” yes or you could just say it’s my 3rd course of breakfast”. Next her friend spilt an entire cup of coffee which went into the plug socket managing to short the circuit stopping the coffee machine from working, they were pretty hilarious about it. It was an eventful twenty minutes. To be honest this is the sort of thing I come for though, a bit like Tin Cafe just down the road, the comedy factor alone makes the place special, ahh, I love Betty’s.

Betty’s, 510b Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AE
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