Tuesday 16 October, 2012

Hackney Bureau – Hackney


Before Hackney Bureau came about this spot was a series of greasy spoons ranging from great to awful, it was only a matter of time before it became somewhere that served Victoria sponge cake rather than fry-up’s though with the art gallery infested Vyner street opposite and The Last Tuesday Society shop of weirdness next door. When I worked at The Last Tuesday Society I needed constant respite from the hordes of people asking “Is this real?” about every mangy piece of Victorian taxidermy the shop sold. I was desperate for somewhere I could get a soya hot chocolate, god damn why couldn’t they have been around back then? The food here is great and so reasonably priced and it has a really lovely atmosphere. Had it been around back then, the sign I made for the door of The Last Tuesday Society saying “Gone out for 10 minutes, customers are pissing me off” would have been permanently up only with the addition “I’m in the Hackney Bureau next door”. They did a great job tearing down the bathroom tiles from the place before, even managing to expose the wooden floor boards from the premises above. Despite the abundance of great cafes in the area, I find myself frequenting the Hackney Bureau more often than anywhere else.

Hackney Bureau, 3 Mare Street, London, E8 4RP
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www. hackneybureau.com

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